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What Is
Kitten Kwicken?

Does your cat act bored? Kitten Kwicken is the solution!

Truly the most incredible discovery since the invention of string. Kitten Kwicken has taken feline/human interactive play to an entirely new dimension.

The toy is elegantly simple with astoundingly complex abilities. Do you want your cat here or there? Into a bag? Over a chair? A simple deft wrist movement, the appropriate twirl, and Kitten Kwicken will have your pet going wherever you aim the toy.

Kitten Kwicken uses principles of chaotic motion and subtle control to create an effect unbelievably like a moth or butterfly in motion. Cats LOVE this toy!

We have often watched cat lovers play with the toy for prolonged periods without a cat in sight. They understand their cat and know it will do the trick.

Kitten Kwicken's unique, realistic moth-like action is simply fun to watch. The design's complex physical properties and specially formulated materials allow it to flit, flutter, flounce and fly in an endless variety of seemingly chaotic motions which are incredibly difficult to describe - but remarkably easy to control. Find out more with the links in the left-hand column.


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