What Is A Kitten Kwicken?

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Kitten Kwicken ?

The figure to the left shows Kitten Kwicken used for close-up work as is needed at shows when the animals are tired and you want them to look alert. Holding the toy loosely lets the 'bait' spin freely while allowing close control of the action.

Kitten Kwicken comes with a colorful felt bait.

Exhaustive testing (the cats were exhausted) has proved that it is hard to beat a simple piece of newsprint or magazine paper folded and installed as shown.

You can't ask for a simpler, or less expensive renewal for your toy, and cats will notice the fluttering sound from across the room! 


Kitten Kwicken may be the only cat toy that MUST be hidden from pets. We have repeated testimonials from folks whose pets open drawers and cupboards to get a little 'alone time' with the toy. They want to kill it. We consider it the highest possible.compliment for a cat toy. It's why we consider the toy to be habit forming for both cats and their owners.


O.K., just tell me how to get one