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Kitten Kwicken

Welcome to the world of Kitten Kwicken. We think you'll find Kitten Kwicken to be a very different kind of toy. It will amuse both you and your cats unlike any other cat toy. Take a minute to read this page. It will give you a better idea about what Kitten Kwicken is all about and how it is used. Many of the suggestions have come from our customer's feedback, so don't reinvent the wheel, read on! And if you discover your own nuances and want to share them, email us. We'd love to hear from you.

What's The Difference?

Most manually operated interactive toys work by dangling, jiggling or casting and retrieving - all elements of a principle we refer to as flog. Kitten Kwicken can use flog, but transcends that basic action with it's unique features of flutter, flitter and flounce. Experienced users may also achieve flight. Other toys do not enjoy this distinction.

Getting Started

First, open the package and uncoil the toy. Click here to see how the toy was coiled before it came to you. (This is, incidentally, also the best way to store the toy between uses. Study the graphic carefully. Some folks have trouble with coiling, but if you can get past that, it will save you lots of toy.) To open the toy, simply reverse the steps shown, passing the handle through the coil until the toy springs open. Now grasp the handle as shown (here) and 'twirl' it back and forth between your thumb and fingers.

A Brief Description

Twirling 'kwickens' the bait to a flutter. Flutter is the toy's central motion, making possible flitter, flounce and flight. Flitter is controlled by changing the toy's shape. Try twirling with the handle pointed straight down. The bait will flutter in a relatively stable pattern. Now, still twirling, start to point the handle upwards. As the toy's shape increases, the bait's path becomes increasingly chaotic. That's flitter. Flounce is accomplished by sending consecutive loops down the length of the toy with circular wrist movements and by employing the same dangling and jiggling that in toys without flutter would result in mere flog. Chaos with subtle control is the difference that makes the difference. Finally, flight is attained by swinging the activated toy through various arcs and orbits. Circles and figure eights can be made parallel or perpendicular to the floor. With practice, you will soon be twirling the correct way at the appropriate time to accentuate the bait's speed and direction. You'll combine effects to create techniques that work for you and your animals. The bait might fly through the air, twitch spasmodically on the floor or flit teasingly about your pet's head or tail, as you so choose.

Try working the toy in, out and around the rungs of a chair. Bags and boxes are nice. There is no need for a shortened model. Click here to re-examine the two handed method of foreshortening the toy. This is great for more intimate play at close quarters, or for delicately initiating play with reluctant old fatties. Once things heat up, simply let go with the second hand and you immediately have the distance you need to preserve your skin.


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