What Is A Kitten Kwicken?

How Does It Work?

What Else Should I Know?

Other Interesting Tidbits

Kitten Kwicken Animation

How Can I Get One?

How Can I Get A
Kitten Kwicken

It's easy! Send $5.00 &
a self-addressed
stamped envelope

Kitten Kwicken
2719 Donovan Ave.
Bellingham,WA 98225

That's right, NO 'Shipping & Handling', just five bucks and the toy is yours! These make the greatest possible gifts for cat lovers. If you love your cat, or know someone that does, try Kitten Kwicken today and bring out the kitten in your cat!

-Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back-
We know you and your cat will love this toy!


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