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Kitten Kwicken

Kitten Kwicken is the world's only twirling cat toy. The handle is precisely sized to provide the optimal gear ratio for spinning the 'bait' to efficiently stimulate the curiosity of felines.

The drawing shows the best way to hold the toy for effective twirl. The toy is rolled between thumb and fingers, back and forth, to spin the 'bait' at variable rates for different effects.

It is difficult to briefly and accurately describe the complex physical properties that combine to create Kitten Kwicken's unique action. Chaotic motion is managed by altering the toy's twirl, shape and aim. Twirl generates flutter. Shape determines flit, and aim controls flounce.

Suffice it to say that very subtle wrist, hand and arm motions will produce dramatic changes in the toy's trajectory and behavior. What other cat toy will flutter, flit, and flounce? The effect literally drives cats wild! They can't help themselves. It is their nature to want to kill this toy.


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