What Is A Kitten Kwicken?

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How Can I Get One?

Care and Feeding of your
Kitten Kwicken

The best way to preserve the toy is to store it properly between uses. Most first time customers won't believe their pet's resolve to find and kill this toy. To us it is just another toy. To you it is five bucks, so put the toy away after every use. The best way to do this is shown below.

Grab the toy near the bait as shown at 'a'. Coil three or four loops together as shown at 'b'. Now, take the handle and tuck it through the coil several times as per 'c', 'd' and 'e'. When it looks like 'f' it is ready to travel in your pocket, fit in a drawer or store conveniently on any hook or peg.

Put it somewhere the cats won't get it. If you are coil impaired and just don't 'get it', hang it full length from a nail in the broom closet with the loop provided on the handle. Just keep the door closed because cats really want a little time alone with this toy . We recommend throwing out some sacrificial offerings to satisfy their bloodlust after each session - at least until you have hidden the toy. The toy will still work, but your ability to control its action is reduced in direct proportion to the amount of chewing your pet gives the wire. Store it well, keep it away from the cats, and it will serve you well. You and your cat will both enjoy this new experience!


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