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An Apology

Dear Customers and Cat Lovers,

I have finally updated this website for the first time since getting run over by a car on my bicycle. That was two years ago. You will find the address has changed to one at which we will actually receive your mail! That's an improvement.

I sustained compression fractures to five vertabrae and a pretty good whack to the head. These things can throw you and your whole family for a loop, and I am just getting to the point where I can keep things more or less together most of the time.

Meanwhile, the Fairhaven Post Office was closed, eliminating the P.O. Box we used for years. I guess they sent a notice to the box, but it happened at a time when we were all just paying attention to the medical crisis. The head injury made it harder to add two and two, but eventually I figured out that we weren't getting your orders.

The accident also underscored what is really important in life. For us, that's making stay-at-home cats as happy as possible and working from home as much as possible. So this year we are going to try to push this business from a hobby to commercial levels, hopefully making it as easy as a trip to the store to get your toys. With luck, Kitten Kwickens could be available to far more feline's friends by next Christmas.

We appreciate your support and enthusiasm for the toy! Thanks for that, and sorry for the inconvenience, confusion and delay you may have experienced. Please contact us for toys or to resolve any issues at:

Kitten Kwicken
2719 Donovan Ave.
Bellingham, WA 98225

Thanks again,

- Inventor and toymaker
- The correspondent and sender of toys


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